The Orhideja (Orchid) Apartment House is located in the center of Tolmin. It has a large yard where you can park your car or bicycle. Nearby the apartment is park with children’s playground. All apartments have access to the internet, by convention guests can also order a breakfast.

Experience the Soča valley!

Tolmin is a small town, caught between the rivers Soča and Tolminka, near the junction of the Soča River Valley, Bača Gorge and Idrijca River Valley. For centuries Tolmin has been the natural center of the province, called Tolminsko.

Tolmin has an old part of town, modern library, a stadium and other sports facilities. A permanent archaeological, historical, ethnological and art history exhibition is planned in the Tolmin Museum.

The parish church, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, has a typical baroque tabernacle and roccocco-style mensa of the high altar. And right next to this beautiful church you will find the Orhideja apartment house.

You can enjoy the park near the church, with your children playing in the playground or you can go explore the town. Tolmin offers the luxury of having everything you need close together. Post office, health care center, shopping center or a fragrant cup of coffee are only one step away.

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Hiking trails

The wonderful natural environment is perfectly suited to all visitors. There are many tended pathways along lakes and rivers, as well as tended access to waterfalls and gorges. Visitors can ramble through forests and gorges, or climb higher to mountain villages situated above the valleys; more demanding trekkers may set out on serious tours between mt. Krn and Črna prst.

Cycling trails

Dynamic terrain and numerous mountain and forest roads and cart tracks give plenty of opportunity for bicycling.

The Soca Valley is situated at the juncture of Mediterranean, Dinaric and Alpine worlds. The exceptionally dynamic terrain and numerous mountain and forest roads and cart tracks give plenty of opportunity for mountain biking. Less demanding visitors will be fully gratified by biking along gentler roads that interconnect villages in the valley.


Fishing is the most popular tourist activity in the region; the local fishing association manages over 145 km of waterways, with navigation allowed only on the Soča. All other rivers – Nadiža, Tolminka, Bača, Kneža, Koritnica, Idrijca and Trebuščica – are reserved exclusively for anglers.

Each river has its own unique and interesting character, enabling anglers to find at least one river for fishing even in less-than-favourable weather.

Among the diverse population of fish, trout are prevalent, with the Soča trout the most well known along with a sub-type called lipan.

Only fly-fishing is allowed.


Soča Valley is an active nature amateur’s paradise. Among sport activities attracting an increasing number of those fascinated by adrenaline adventures to the Soča Valley today, paragliding with outstanding thermals, steep mountain slopes and unforgettable panoramic views offers top flying opportunities and long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps.

Rooms & Apartments

Choose from a variety of different room sizes and apartments.

Studio Lilija

30 m², kitchenette, living/sleeping area, bathroom

from 72€/night

Glamping Tinka

is located in…

from 65€/day

Apartment Sončnica

40 m², Bedroom, Kitchen with living room, Bathroom

from 80€/night

Apartment Orhideja

75 m², 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room

from 130€/night

Apartment Zvonček

40 m², Bedroom, Kitchen with Living room, Bathroom

from 92€/night

Room Vijolica

Double bedroom, Bathroom

from 60€/night

Room Marjetica

Double bedroom, bathroom, own entrance, terrace

from 60€/night


Good wifi and very close to the city center. Very kind staff!
Liz JamesSatisfied Tourist
Everything was likable. It was comfy, cool, clean and generaly enjoyable.
John WilliamsSatisfied Tourist
Clean room, close to Tolmin gorges
Kurt SmithSatisfied Tourist

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